Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a "Modular/Manufactured" Constructed Home?

The term ‘modular’ describes a method of construction and not a style of building. The manufacturer Moduline Industries builds the homes within a climate controlled setting and then the module(s) are then transported to the site for final completion by our experienced team. All home and building structures are built with 2×6 exteriors and maximum insulation according to industry standards and building codes within the Province of British Columbia.

How Can Lakeridge Homes Help You with Your New Home?

We can assist with all the details in building your new home from start to finish. Whether it is for a vacation park or cabin model, single or multi-family home we will walk you through the process and help guide you to getting the features and exactly what you envision for your new home.

How Long Does It Take to Build My New Home?

The build time depends on the design and just a few of the many advantages of choosing a manufactured home is the speed and consistent quality that is provided within an environmentally controlled facility. With weather condition delays being eliminated and the home foundation or pad preparations that can be done at the same time as construction, this ensures that in most cases the home is complete and delivered right on time. On average a home can be produced and delivered on-site anywhere from 8-14 weeks from the day of order. On-site completion may vary depending on the site preparation required but can be as little as 10 days in some cases and ready for you to move into your new home.

Can I Be Involved in the Design of My Home?

Absolutely! Our experienced sales team will do their utmost to make all your design wishes come to life within your new home. Of course there are always limits but if it can be done, we will certainly make it happen!

What About Home Warranty Protection for My New Home?

The protection for your new home is the same as it would be for a site-built home offering a 1 year worry free manufacturer’s warranty on all workmanship and material defects that might occur during the 1st year after completion of your home. Plus buyers receive an exclusive 10 year structural warranty designed to specifically protect new manufactured home buyers.
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Moduline has teamed up with PAL Home Owners Insurance. Now offering one year free home owner's insurance! Ask your Sale Consultant how to apply.

Where Can I Put My New Modular Home?

Modular Home designs can usually go anywhere and can be designed with different structural support systems for placement on either a concrete pad, steel piling support system or with a truss flooring system that would require either a basement, crawlspace or pony wall foundation. It is best to find out what is acceptable in a mobile home park, city or region you are interested in settling your new home by contacting the City or Regional District for a list of restrictions and bylaws in that area Looking to buy land? We now have a realtor on site!

Can I Get a Mortgage on My Modular Home?

Yes, of course! Whether you are placing the home on privately owned or leased land mortgages can be obtained the same as a site build home. Whatever your financial situation, Lakeridge Homes can assist by recommending preferred lenders who are experienced in this area.

What Will Be Included Within the Purchase Price of a Modular Home?

Typically, what is included within the price of your new home is set-up and delivery by our on-site Lakeridge Home team. We take care of any pad or ground preparations such as installation of anchors, blocking and leveling of home with ground poly and vinyl skirting plus the lending of 1 stair set. Services and options that are not included within the home set-up would be any home foundation or basement contracting costs, crane service or insulated skirting packages, decks, garage or carport installations as well as all plumbing, gas and electrical hook ups. The Lakeridge Sales team can help with recommendations for qualified product and service providers in all these areas. The purchase of a new home is an important one and one that the sales team at Lakeridge Homes does not take lightly. When considering the purchase of a new home it is important to be comfortable with each aspect and detail along the way and it is our job to make sure that you are getting exactly what you envision in your new home. Having confidence in both the quality and service offered is crucial throughout this process and we will work hard to not only provide you with the best possible advice and guidance throughout and even long after you are settled and living in your new Lakeridge Home.

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